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June 24, 2024

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Usually when people talk about "free car programs" they are talking about programs that either give you a free car to drive - which already has ads placed on the car - or you place advertisements on your car and drive - and they pay you a monthly fee. The programs that give you a car to drive for free are a great deal. This is a good program for someone who doesn't currently own a car - but would like to have a car available to drive to the supermarket car programs and run everyday errands - without having to lay out large sums of money for the initial purchase of the vehicle. The cars that these programs give you are new or newer model vehicles. They are not tired old vehicles ready for the scrape pile. They are very well maintained vehicles - usually 1-3 years-old - with professionally done attractive graphics selling a product or service. Getting paid to put advertisements on your car and drive around is another free car program. These companies supply the advertisements that are placed on your vehicle. They can be those magnetic type vinyl signs that are easy to put on or take off. Depending on the company you choose - you may be asked to drop off your vehicle - at a location that may place permanent decals on your car - or spray paint these advertisement graphics on your car. These decals and spray paint options are good looking attention grabbing designs that would need a professional to remove and restore your car to its original condition. The companies that require these permanent ads are quite rare. The pay is higher when you opt for decals or painting - versus the magnetic signs - which are easy to remove and do not damage the surface of your car.

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