Players are permitted by Mojang to run their own minecraft hosting by using the server JAR file. You may play with friends and change the server parameters by running your own Minecraft server.

You must first open your command prompt to determine the Java version that is currently installed on your computer. You can just update to the most recent version, however typing “java -version” will allow you to verify that Java 7 is installed.

The final step is to download the Minecraft Server.exe file, which launches the JAR file with the correct parameters inside of Windows. The download is accessible through the official Minecraft website.

You can make a batch file that launches Minecraft Server.exe if you want to adjust the available RAM (server memory). Just copy and paste the following piece of code into Notepad:


The path is “C:Program Files (x86)Javajre7binjavaw.exe” “Minecraft Server.exe” -Xms1024m -Xmx1024m


Change 1024 to the number of megabytes of RAM you want to give your server, then save the file as “start.bat.” You can convert gigabytes to megabytes using Google. Your server will start when you open this file.

Once your server is up and running, you may invite friends who are on the same local network to join it by launching the Minecraft client and entering the server IP, “localhost.” You must port forward your router in order to allow outside connections to connect to your server if you want to play online with pals. Hamachi, a tool that provides you with a public IP address, can also be installed. The majority of home internet connections are unable to support a big number of online gamers due to the complexity of this operation. We also provide other gaming hosting, please visit here more details csgo hosting

You can open the server to start configuring it.

that was made when you first started your Minecraft server, the properties file. Your server’s primary settings are located in this file; for changes to take effect, you must stop and restart the server after making changes. There will also be a file called ops.txt in the folder on your server. You can list the players who should have administrative rights on the server in this text file. Save the file after entering your username, then restart the server. The whitelist.txt file can be used to block all players outside those indicated, and your banned-players.txt list is a helpful tool for dealing with malicious individuals.