How Does House Clearance Work?

A house clearance is a waste service offered by businesses that specialize in clearing out homes, large waste removal businesses and people who work alone.


Welcome to my “House Clearance: How Does It Work Guide”! Here, you will find everything you need to know about clearing your home. From finding someone to help you do it to figuring out how much it will cost and when they can do it – we have it all covered! Read on for more information about how you can get your home cleared quickly with minimal stress.


There are a few categories of house clearance:

House Clearances For Compulsive Hoarding.

If you are struggling with compulsive hoarding, a house clearance company can help. They will carefully remove clutter from properties impacted by hoarding.

House Clearances Of A Sensitive Nature

I know that sometimes it is difficult or sensitive to clear a house. As a result of divorce, mental health issues, or other things. Reputable house clearance services have seen it all and have trained staff to handle these situations with care.

Expert Bereavement and Probate House Clearance

It can be challenging to clear out your loved one’s home. It would be best if you had polite and experienced staff that would approach the house clearance with care and thoughtfulness. Placing any items of monetary or sentimental value to one side ensures nothing valuable is removed. You want to ensure you have a trustworthy company that can advise you on probate valuations and how house clearance works.

What to Look for in a House Clearance Company

Sustainable House Clearances

Eco-friendly house clearance companies strive to recycle as much waste as possible to reduce landfill transmission.

Fully Licenced with the Environment Agency.

When choosing your house clearance firm, you want to be sure they are fully licenced and insured as a licensed waste carrier; you can ask to check their environmental agency card, which will allow you to cross-check their information online.

Beware of Extremely Cheap Quotations

Extremely cheap quotations could cost you a lot more money than you expect. Many unlicensed people offer bargain prices, but this waste can often be fly-tipped, resulting in a court summons and some surprisingly hefty fines. You must ensure that you transfer your house clearance waste to a reputable waste company.

What are the penalties for a fly tip?

The punishment for fly-tipping can be different depending on how bad it is. Face fines up to £5000, and even be slammed with a prison sentence of up to 5 years and a criminal record.


Ways to save Money on and Reduce Your House Clearance Cost

  1. Donate as much as possible to a charity shop – Like St Luke’s. (These local charities will often collect your items free of charge.)
  2. Sell items online – on sites such as eBay and Facebook.
  3. Give Away items for free on sites such as Facebook and Gumtree.
  4. Ask your house clearance companies if they are willing to offer a discounted rate for valuable items, as they may already have connections to refurbish and resell them.


Booking a Property Clearance

A simple process is usually followed when customers request a house clearance service. This process includes an initial consultation in person, followed by the actual clearance of the house itself.

Get multiple estimates

It’s always best to get at least three or four quotations; this will allow you to compare prices and services. Helping you weed out any overpriced quotes.

Compare Estimates

It is essential to compare the service offered and not just the price – this is important because some companies still might provide a reduced service at a lower price.


Things you may wish to consider are:

  • Google and Trust Pilot Reviews
  • Your conversation with them and the confidence in their quotation. (You don’t want any surprise charges)
  • Whether labour is included in the price
  • Always check they are registered with the environmental agency
  • Check they are a registered company and registered waste carrier
  • Do they have public liability and damages insurance
  • Do they have a well-structured website


Book in your service

Now you need to schedule your house clearance service. It would help if you decided when would be a good time for the workers to clear your house. Depending on how much stuff you need to be cleared out, it could take an hour or an entire day.


On the day of your house clearance

A good house clearance company will call you before they come to your house on the day you agreed.


Your house clearance begins.

Your house clearance team will introduce themselves when they arrive. You will show them what needs to be cleared out. They will give you a final price and proceed to clear the property.


Your house clearance finishes

When the house clearance is complete, you will need to pay the full amount. At this point, you should request a waste transfer note; This shows that the waste company has taken your waste and is now responsible for it.


Final words

Getting a house clearance can be very expensive and risky, so be careful. If you are unsure, ask a friend to help with the process. It is crucial to do thorough research and get multiple quotes, as this will help you find a reputable company offering the best service at a fair price. I hope this guide on how does house clearance work helps you; good luck!