Our story starts on Halloween, when I last visited my parents’ home. My mother gave me a strange look when I asked her where my father was, so I went to the room where he was sitting at the computer staring at the screen at the age of 58. The rest of my family was seated at the table, but he wasn’t there. I approached the screen and saw it, plenty of coloured bubbles, but he didn’t say hello or acknowledge my presence. At that point, my father was added to the statistics as a fan of Bubble game.

How did all of this start? Unexpectedly, bubble shooter was first created for Microsoft Company as a copy of the legendary arcade game Puzzle Bobble from the 1990s. Little did they know, however, that their innovation would go on to become one of the most popular games ever on the internet.

The goal of the game is to shoot a bubble of the same colour at every bubble on the screen to remove it.

As you finish the stage, you’ll see the bubble fireworks effect when you make groups of three or more pieces of the same hue.

As time went on, a lot of players started playing bubble shooter games, getting hooked on the straightforward yet addictive gameplay. Some players compete to pop the bubbles in the shortest amount of time, while others aim for high scores.

I’m always astonished to learn there are so many variations of how to play this enjoyable game, but success is success, as the saying goes.

The popularity of bubble shooter inspired imitators to try to duplicate its success. These imitators are now widely available on numerous online gaming websites. You may discover animal bubble games, themed bubble games, and of course the ideal brand mix—the Obama bubbles game.

You must now question, “Where can I get those games?”

Google the terms “bubble shooter,” “bubble game,” or “bubbles game,” and you may access a wide range of websites that offer entertaining, addictive game play with lots of bubbles. Since the world is full of bubbles, why not join it?