Hardwood Brothers is a leading brand in the industry that wanted to take their marketing results
to the next level and expand its online presence. To accomplish this, Hardwood Bros sought out
Prome Media a digital marketing agency that specializes in ecommerce SEO, pay per click
(PPC) strategies, and web development. After the website was live, Prome Media monitored
traffic and rankings changes to ensure their campaigns were effective and achieved a 174%
increase in eCommerce sales by optimizing Hardwood Bros’ website.
Challenges: One of the main challenges faced during the project was the highly competitive
nature of the client’s industry. With many other companies vying for the same keywords and
search rankings, it was essential to come up with creative and effective strategies to stand out
and attract targeted traffic.
To address this challenge, Prome Media conducted extensive keyword research and analysis to
identify opportunities for the client to differentiate themselves and capture a larger share of the
market. They also implemented a number of on-page and off-page SEO techniques, such as
optimizing website content, building high-quality backlinks, and improving website speed and
Another challenge was the need to balance the requirements of SEO with the user experience
of the website. The client wanted to ensure that their website was easy to navigate and provided
a positive experience for visitors, while still optimizing it for search engines. Prome Media
worked closely with the client to strike this balance and develop a strategy that would deliver
both SEO and UX benefits.
Expert Marketing Results:
Upon starting the project, Prome Media conducted a deep dive audit of the Hardwood Bros
website to provide them with a baseline of their current stats and visibility on search engine
results pages (SERPs). With this analysis they designed a targeted SEO campaign which was
implemented with success, resulting in improved ranking on SERPs for culinary-related
keywords. Working alongside talent from Hardwood Bros, Prome Media also launched a paid
advertising campaign which resulted in more visitors to the site as well as better returns on
investments. The effectiveness of these campaigns led not only to increased revenue via
ecommerce sales by 174%, but also increased B2B partnerships being established with over 50
dedicated partners—demonstrating true value of digital marketing investments within this sector.
Return On Investment:
The keyword research conducted by Prome Media was essential for driving organic traffic
towards Hardwood Bros’ webpage. The research allowed them to organize these keywords into
silos for optimized content while still maintaining user experience (UX) and human computer
interaction (HCI). Furthermore, wireframes developed by Prome Media complemented efforts
ensuring user satisfaction when navigating through their website design—allowing customers
easy access to products/services they offer which further encouraged productivity throughout
their business operations. This return on investment grows even further when you consider
factors such as repeat customers and improving customer loyalty as more potential buyers
placed trust in them due to improved visibility online; thus setting up businesses like theirs
perfectly for future growth strategies down the line.
Setting New Goals:
Even after successful implementation of digital strategies like those used by Prome Media there
is still work left to be done monitoring traffic and rankings changes from time-to-time; providing
insight into what works best when it comes to appealing prospective customers – allocating
resources accordingly so as not miss out opportunities for improvement or fall behind
competition who may utilize similar tactics albeit inconsistently or lacking direction due lack of
technical knowledge etcetera; ultimately helping companies achieve business goals without
having too resort too excessive costs – something drastically needed especially within smaller
Overall Impression:
The results seen in this project are certainly impressive showing just how effective digital
marketing strategies can be executed correctly; under no surprise then that partnering up with
experts like Prome Media proved so fruitful for Hardwood Brothers who now have seen
remarkable returns due primarily to targeted online campaigns driven largely by analytics based
SEO & PPC optimization services which allowed scalable growth solutions tailored specifically
geared towards company needs – something any business should look at investing into today!
Clients Testimonial:
“Working with Prome Media has been an absolute game-changer for our business. When we
first approached them, we were struggling to get noticed online and our sales were suffering as
a result. Prome Media took the time to understand our needs and developed a customized
digital marketing strategy that delivered results beyond our expectations.
Thanks to their expertise and hard work, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in traffic to our website
and a 174% boost in ecommerce sales. The team at Prome Media is professional, responsive,
and always goes above and beyond to ensure our success. I highly recommend them to any
business looking to improve their online presence and drive results through digital marketing.”