Every country in the world has different forms of public transport and 98 percent of the humans alive have used Public transport.

Despite being cheap compared to private transport, Public transport in Uganda is quite different from where you are reading this article from.

Mr Wilson, a transport manger and consultant shared a few things one should expect while using public transport in Uganda


one sure thing about public transport is that you get to save some money. The rates of gas around the world are high so fueling your car could at times be expensive.

The other benefit with public transport is that you don’t need to worry about finding parking space. Just when you jump off the bus, you just walk to wherever you want to be.

However, the challenges with this form of transport in Uganda include;

Time Consuming. Public transport will delay your day especially if you have strict appointments. While Using public transport, you have to wake up early enough to catch a taxi or bus so that you reach in time.

Public transport in Uganda could also be insecure in a sense that once you forget your gadget on the bus, you are likely not to find it.

Other Risky factors with this form of transport include health factors especially with the possibility of catching an air borne infection or the COVID-19.

For these reasons, tourists and other mid range travelers prefer Car rental with a driver in Uganda. Car rental companies have also adopted self drive car rental which gives the client much convenience and absolute road freedom.