Through its exclusive and proprietary prediction methods and syndication technology, HIRO Media is the foremost online video ecosystem around. The company helps publishers, advertisers, and content owners optimize their performance and profits by offering several top revenue-generating products: Programmatic Video Mobile; Syndication; and Programmatic Video Content Marketing. 


Based on HIRO’s unique Syndication technology, the Programmatic Mobile Video Platform allows advertisers and brands to gain the greatest exposure in accurate targeted mobile assets with an outstanding cost-value ratio.

Using this product, every mobile marketer can attain massive audiences, select their content site and environment, and gain assured Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) distributing it to a precise audience in the most cost-efficient way.


HIRO’s Ad & Content Syndication product, which is also based on its unique technology, engenders new media opportunities for brands and advertisers and guarantees enhanced performance. By programmatically transforming a website’s existing inventory into a video unit, the product offers new high-quality video inventory.

The Ad & Content Syndication video model also runs on any major inventory on ComScore’s top 1000 destination sites. The primary Unique Selling Point (USP) of the technology is its capacity to forecast demand-side needs, supply-side inventory quality, and which consumers/viewers may match the advertiser’s expectations.


The online video content market has seen incredible development over the past few years and continues to evolve with the content being pushed to audiences and audiences ever more expecting to receive and view ads and content that is pertinent to them. 

HIRO’s state-of-the-art Programmatic Video Content Marketing Engine offers brands and content owners branded content to the most significant viewers by programmatically allocating it among ComScore’s top 1000 online properties reaching more than 100 million unique viewers. In fact, this ability makes HIRO’s platform the best Off-YouTube supply channel for any video content, assuring top viewability and other mission-critical KPIs. 


By applying up-to-the-minute, pre-emptive technology the Ad Fileting Feature works as a doorkeeper to instantaneously control, monitor and clean publishers’ websites of unwelcome and damaging actions, authenticating only white-listed vendors. This tool delivers publishers with complete transparency, whilst spotting, averting and warning them to malvertising and thus augmenting the end-user experience. HIRO’s Filtering Features is also indispensable for optimizing programmatic advertising on one’s own site without compromising users’ security.

In the domain of online video content marketing and advertising where every second counts, HIRO’s rich products, patented technology, and features make it easy to capitalize on prospects and accomplish outstanding results.

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