Any business model changes over time, sometimes it happens due to technological advancement or sometimes due to market demands. These changes create new technology trends that transform the entire market. We at Sphinx Solutions keep tracking the entire startup ecosystem & we have addressed a lot of new trends that are rapidly gaining popularity. 

Software as a service or SaaS for healthcare is one of them. 

A healthcare saas company helps medical institutions with end-to-end software solutions that cater to multiple applications like EHR, telehealth, revenue cycle management, inpatient care administration, patient feedback, PACS, billing, and more. By using SaaS software, healthcare institutions can precisely store patient information and improve their services. In this blog, we are going to discuss 8 leading healthcare saas companies and their services.

Sphinx Solutions 

Established in 2010, Sphinx Solutions is one of the top SaaS healthcare companies that offer end-to-end service and technology to support patient care. To regulators, and researchers rely on Sphinx to learn smarter and faster care for patients. As a dedicated healthcare company, it focuses on facilitating cancer research & enhancing patient care. 

Apart from that, they also provides the best data analytics and technology infrastructure for oncology research & development purposes.


Founded in 2013, ClassPass allows you to access one of the largest networks of gyms and fitness studios. This is a great example of SaaS for healthcare platform and it offers both in-person and online access to several fitness classes like strength training, yoga, barre, pilates, indoor cycling classes, martial arts, boxing & health clubs. ClassPass has numerous benefits. It allows fitness centers to manage their business models to deliver more fitness classes that cater to their customers looking for flexibility. Moreover, ClassPass offers an at-home workout experience and it has a complete 101-lesson library & launches live-streaming workouts



Zocdoc is a New York-based company that has offered medical care scheduling solutions since 2007. This means it helps patients to find medical professionals like doctors, dentists, dermatologists, etc, and schedule an appointment. Zocdoc has launched Zocdoc Check-in which allows patients to fill up online paperwork. In short, this is a place where you can find all types of care and comprehensive treatment options.


CareDox is one of the leading healthcare technology service providers established in 2010. The company aims to transform the entire system of health delivery in kindergarten to 12th grade (k-12) institutions. CareDox mainly connects institutions with the healthcare environment to offer free healthcare services to institutions and families. Services include: 

  • The Healthy Schools Program facilitates chronic disease management, in-school vaccinations, and annual adolescent check-ups

  • The Digital Health Platform offers FERPA and HIPAA-compliant digital health charting. This platform allows school nurses to control chronic disease management


Established in 2010, AiCure is a leading patient-centric management platform. The company offers mobile visual recognition solutions integrated with predictive analytics and machine learning. The AiCure application is highly compatible with all kinds of mobile devices. Moreover, AiCure provides motivation tools for promoting adherence. Some key features of AiCure include: 

  • AiCure Patient Connect: Enhanced the rates of medication adherence and patient engagement

  • AiCure Platform: More power to predict and analyze treatment response with the help of digital biomarkers

  • AiCure Site Services: Minimized clinical tech burden so that experts can focus on patients

Doctor is a well-recognized cloud-based platform designed for medical practitioners. Founded in 2012, the company has a team of world-class professionals with high technical expertise. aims to take digital healthcare to the next level. This platform allows healthcare professionals to book online appointments, adjust their master profiles & build a strong reputation through feedback and reviews. Till now, has been used by more than 20,000 private practices and 200 hospitals to boost their online presence, grab more audience and build their trust.


Twiage is one of the award-winning and top healthcare companies that offer coordination and communication technology. It allows emergency departments (EDs), healthcare providers, and hospitals to facilitate emergency or non-emergency patient care & ensure high-quality outcomes. Apart from that, Twiage assists clients to control multiple resources such as operating rooms, catch labs, hospital beds, etc. Twiage aims to fully transform & enhance workflows and communication in the entire healthcare sector. Till now, the company has powered a number of EMS transports & continues to enhance mobile telemedicine as well as healthcare coordination.


CoachCare provides a highly proficient weight management program. It effectively allows users to control their physical activities & daily nutrition. CoachCare also offers one-on-one professional counseling. With CoachCare, you will get a clinical dashboard, proprietary tracker & patient mobile app to monitor progress. CoachCare uses cutting-edge technology that plays a huge role in finding out a predisposed problem like obesity. 

CoachCare takes care of virtual health software & remote patient monitoring to deliver a full-fledged support service. From maximized reimbursement & claims documentation to automated outcome alerts, their vast range of technologies is finely designed to enhance patient care. 

Final words

The future of the entire healthcare industry looks very promising with the most emerging SaaS technologies and trends. The above-mentioned startups provide SaaS-driven business management solutions that transform multiple healthcare domains with ease. 


If you are looking for the top SaaS based healthcare development services & want to be a pioneer in this domain, get in touch with Sphinx Solutions. We specialize in developing top-notch SaaS applications for healthcare startups & enterprise organizations.