Clash of Clans has ruled supreme in the world of mobile gaming for years, attracting millions of players with its addicting gameplay and strategic depth. A critical component that can sometimes determine victory or defeat is at the centre of this strategy game: base layout planning. Making a successful Clash of Clans base layout demands careful planning of defensive structures, resource buildings, and strategic placements. In this post, we’ll look at the art of base layout creation and how to create layouts that can endure attacks and lead you to success. Bh-9 base

The Defence Foundation

Understanding the significance of defence is the first step in constructing a great Clash of Clans layout. The major objective of your base is to discourage intruders and protect your resources, trophies, and Town Hall. It is critical to strategically place defensive constructions such as cannons, archer towers, mortars, and air defences.

Place Your Clan Castle and Heroes Near the Centre of Your Base: Placing your Clan Castle and Heroes near the centre of your base can make it difficult for opponents to draw them out and easily remove them. During an attack, this can buy you vital time.

Air Defences: Air defences should be placed in such a way that they cover the majority of your base. Placing them too close to the perimeter exposes them to being taken down early in an attack, while placing them too deep exposes areas of your base to air attacks.

Placement of Splash Damage: Mortars and Wizard Towers deliver splash damage, making them useful against groupings of soldiers. Place them in areas where they can cover a large area and protect many structures.

Resource Administration

While defence is essential, resource management is also essential. Balanced resource building placement can help you maximise resource output while protecting them against raids.

Distribute Collectors and Mines: Distribute resource collectors (Gold Mines, Elixir Collectors, and Dark Elixir Drills) across your base. This makes it difficult for attackers to target all of your resource-generating structures in a single raid. Bh-10 base

Protect Your Storage: Place resource storage structures like Gold Storage, Elixir Storage, and Dark Elixir Storage within the protective layers of your foundation. Even if an adversary breaches your outer defences, they will have a more difficult time accessing your accrued resources.

Hidden traps like Bombs, Giant Bombs, and Seeking Air Mines can catch attackers off guard. Place them near defensive structures or resource buildings, where attackers are likely to deploy soldiers.

Evolution and Adaptability

As Clash of Clans evolves through upgrades and adjustments, so should your base structure. Reevaluating your base’s design on a regular basis and adapting to new strategies might help you stay one step ahead of your opponents.

Watch and learn: Examine replays of base attacks to uncover weak places in your layout. Is there a common attack strategy that routinely penetrates your defences? Analyse these trends and make necessary modifications.

Seek Insight: Participate in Clash of Clans communities, forums, and YouTube channels that focus on strategy and base design. Gathering thoughts from experienced gamers might help you come up with new ideas and inventive solutions.

Experiment and iterate: Don’t be scared to try out various base layouts. Test new designs and see how they fare against different attack techniques. Iteration is essential in identifying the configuration that best suits your playstyle and defensive skills.


Creating a good Clash of Clans base plan is a dynamic and ever-changing process that necessitates a combination of strategic thought, resource management, and adaptation. You may develop a base that not only deters intruders but also secures your hard-earned resources by mastering the foundations of defence, managing resources properly, and remaining open to new ideas. Remember that mastering the art of base layout design is a continual process that promises intriguing challenges and satisfying successes as the Clash of Clans terrain evolves.