More and more couples decide to celebrate their wedding on the beautiful island of Mallorca with a DJ in Mallorca and we understand perfectly the reason, because Mallorca is a beautiful island with extraordinary places, good cuisine, excellent weather and charming locations to celebrate the event. And a fundamental part of the celebration is the wedding DJ, because a wedding with a fun party is a successful wedding.


Mallorca Dj is a key piece of your wedding because a good DJ will make your party a guaranteed success as all your guests will enjoy and relax. And also the bride and groom, of course! For that reason, the music of the party has to go according to your favourite musical style but also be suitable for all guests since at a wedding there are usually people with different ages and tastes.

What music to choose for your party?

Mallorca Dj can share with you collaborative lists of Spotify where you can add the songs you want to hear at your party. These lists can also be shared with other guests if you want to make them participate and know their tastes. The fact of sharing these lists with the Dj is going to be a fantastic guide so that he can learn more about your preferences and musical tastes.


The most important work of the DJ of your wedding will be the part of the party, but the Dj Mallorca will not only be participating at that time. The Mallorca DJ will also be a key piece for moments of the day, such as the ceremony where you will choose the most representative songs for the entry of the groom and the bride, the rings, the departure of the newlyweds. Other important moments are the arrival of the guests, the aperitif or the wedding dinner. In all of them you can choose the songs you want to hear with the collaborative lists. Now just relax and enjoy one of the most important days of your lives.