Glass material has many advantages compared with plastic containers. Glass bottles are made from natural material and during the production there is no extra chemicals unsafe added to the ingredients. Unlike plastic containers and other modern packaging methods, glass packaging is 100% recycling without leaching chemical into the ground.

Glass bottles are best for peoples’s health. All food and beverage will taste better in a glass container. For liquor, vodka, Whiskey, wine, Olive oil sector, glass bottles are historically been the perfect containers. With custom glass bottle manafacturers, luxury liquor and whiskey shows best image of its own brands telling the story toghether with designed decorations. Organic milk and juicing will be packed in glass bottles for low temperature stored and keep the best taste during trasportation and distributions. Perfume and creams can age and evolve for years free of infulence by canned in glass containers since glass is chemical stable, no reacting with the products it holds.

Many producers have found it is easy to obtain glass bottles from China glass bottle manufacturers no matter in large scale production or small orders. Glass bottles and glass jars are inert and handily sealed, with many years development, there are some popular glass bottle wholesales available like Boston round bottle, French square bottles, swing top bottles in 250ml, 500ml and 750ml. Beer bottles size and shapes are always stable.

Although glass containers are fragile, with proper packaging methods like hard cartons and pallets during long time marion or road transportation, there will be very low broken damage rate occurred.

Glass bottles and glass jars can be 100% reused and 100% recycled. There are many ways to decorate the old glass bottle with no wastes. All colored glass bottles no matter in clear color or green, amber and blue color can be recycled finally go to glass bottle factories for new production.

You can find a reliable glass bottle manufacturer to design, develop and label your tailor made packaging solution to define your branding. A custom glass bottle is made via metal moulds and shaped with machinery in very high temperature. Sometime it is necessory to invest designing fancy glass bottles to enlarge your sales and profits. Contact top glass bottle manufacturers and listen to their suggestion. They will provide the mold drawing and change your draft indeas into reality.

Choose glass bottle packaging to protect our planet and decrease greenhouse-gas emissions by reusing and recyling glass containers. Your every little step will add efforts to change our next deneration’s living environment on the earth.