Network marketing is a business that involves people and as with every business the life blood comes from new people. This is why sponsoring in Network Marketing is so important.

Is there any difference between the motives for traditional business recruitment and Network Marketing recruitment?

No, this is why traditional businesses have a HR department and have recruitment drives with massive amounts of interviews.

They are looking for the cream of the crop to join their organization.

Sometimes they hire the right person and sometimes they don’t. This is why people get hired and fired all day long.

Network marketing is no different, sponsoring is important because we are also looking for the cream of the crop to join our organization.

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Sometimes the right person joins and sometimes the wrong person joins, which is why people leave the industry.

So it is a little bit hypocritical for people to think it is okay for a traditional type of business to have a department that will go out and sponsor employees into their business, but it is wrong for a Network Marketing organization to go and do the same.

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