ZONESUN is a custom packaging manufacturer that provides tailored packaging solutions. We offer customized production lines, covering a range of services from front-end processes such as water treatment and emulsification, to filling, capping machine, sealing machine, labeling machine, hot stamping machine, strapping machine, box packaging, and more. Currently, our company comprises 120 employees, including 47 engineers, and our facilities occupy an area of 6,700 square meters. We specialize in providing customized solutions and on-site technical support. Our primary markets include the United States, Europe, Japan, South Korea, and others. We hold certifications such as CE and ISO.

production line

Full Automatic Production Line

filling machine

ZONESUN Filling Machine

capping machine

ZONESUN Capping Machine

labeling machine

zonesun Labeling Machine

sealing machine

Sealing Machine

stamping machine

Stamping Machine

printing machine

Coding Machine

box packing machine

Box Sealing Machine

strapping machine

Strapping Machine