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Influencer marketing is endorsed by market scholars and pundits. Harvard Business review reported that more than 75% of brands have already dedicated a budget for influencer marketing campaigns. Influencer marketing allows your brand to garner key performance indicators with a strategic campaign. 

Campaigns allow you to position your staregised and tailored content to amuse and engage your targeted audience. The whole influencer marketing campaign is a multi-level operation, each level intends to augment the next and ultimately boost relevant performance indicators. 

Well begun is half done and that is why, Influencer campaign creation and management is an important aspect and requires in-depth and comprehensive research, influencer profiling, objective identification, etc. These fields are vast and require a professional approach. Brands are collaborating with an influencer marketing agency who are adept and highly skilled in relevant performance boosting.But what exactly does an Influencer marketing agency do? Let’s see in detail!

Effectively navigating the information-centric purchasing environment in India presents a distinctive barrier for brands aiming to establish a connection with their intended clientele. Given the pervasive influence of brand evaluations and peer endorsements in contemporary markets, social substantiation is of the utmost importance. Prospective purchasers are highly interested in the opinions and experiences of others regarding a product; therefore, genuine user-generated content and peer endorsements hold significant value as a form of consumer confidence. 

But many times, in a data driven world, the lack of data and research offers distortion in campaign curation or even formulating an opinion. To solve the Catch-22 situation brands collaborate with  influencer marketing agencies to explore product opinions or to form critical touchpoints in the consumer buying journey. These agencies present the latest influencer marketing trends for modern business problems. 

Understand with the example of Oneplus. The brand launched a new series of phones with folding features named Oneplus Open. To review the mobile, the brand selected technical guru Gaurav Chaudhary, known for his in-depth reviews and insights into the latest gadgets. This authentic review from Digital Guru discussed design, functionality, pricing, etc., which was informative and impressive. The footage garnered 57K views within just two days, attesting to its captivating content. In this scenario, a video marketing business, based on its expertise and technology-driven approach, will assist brands in crafting user-friendly videos by choosing the most suitable influencers. It understands video production techniques, marketing trends, technology-driven tools, etc., which are the foundation of fascinating videos. 

These facts make clear the need for an influencer marketing company, and the search for the best influencer marketing agency can end only at Grynow. The agency’s impressive portfolio includes more than 12,000 brands like Puma, Amazon, Zomato, H&M, and Mamaearth.  

Let’s discover why Grynow is considered one of the best influencer marketing agencies in India.

Why Grynow is the Best Influencer Marketing Platform in India

Diverse And Extensive Network:

Grynow has a diverse and extensive network of the best influencers who are experts in their field. The influencer marketing company gives brands the freedom to select the best influencers from over 2.5 lakhs.

Notably, when Amazon partnered with Grynow, the agency delivered 1K+ Live sessions. In these 45-second videos, the agency included influencers from the fashion, beauty, tech, and home decor genres who fit every situation and scenario. It was the charm of the influencers that the session achieved 2K+ live viewership.

Tech-Driven Approach:

By deploying modern technologies, the platform simplifies the processes of influencer detection, campaign administration, and performance evaluation. Grynow’s technology-centric methodology guarantees accuracy, productivity, and ideal outcomes for influencer marketing initiatives.

Grynow simplifies the influencer identification process with algorithms and data analytics. These technologies analyze vast datasets to know the target audience, engagement rates, and content relevance, making it possible to select suitable influencers for the campaign.

Grynow also plays the role of the best influencer marketing platform, in terms of campaign management. Actually, its technology stack guarantees efficiency and smooth execution. Automated workflows and real-time collaboration tools bring transparency to communication between brands and influencers, ensuring a smoother campaign experience.

The platform tracks and evaluates key performance indicators (KPIs) through AI analytics tools. AI-powered tools make it easy to measure reach and impressions, audience engagement metrics, and evaluate the effectiveness of influencer marketing.

Strategic Partnerships:

Grynow creates strategic partnerships beyond facilitating collaboration. The influencer marketing agency aims to establish significant associations using connecting brands with influencers whose principles harmonize perfectly with the brand’s essence.

Grynow strategically paired Kotak with 20+ influencers who had an influential engagement rate of videos and good command over the local language. The agency’s objective was to create 40+ UGC video content in 4 different languages highlighting mutual fund policies, brand services, & kotakmf benefits. This strategic partnership model ensures that influencers become more than just conduits for brand messages; they become authentic advocates who authentically connect with their audience.

Campaign Customization:

Diverse brands come with unique objectives, and few comprehend this intricate diversity as adeptly as the best influencer marketing company, Grynow. They provide unprecedented campaign customization as the platform grants brands the ability to customize their influencer partnerships with great attention to elements, ensuring that they have specific objectives and tactics to attain the highest level of pertinence and involvement. Understanding the needs of the brand, Greenv does the following influencer-based campaign:

  • Organic Social Media Videos:
  • Video Ads:
  • Explainer Videos
  • UGC Videos
  • 2D & 3D Animated Videos
  • Corporate Videos
  • TV Commercial Videos

Innovative Campaign Ideas:

Grynow distinguishes itself via a novel influencer marketing approach. The platform actively involves creative influencers who contribute innovative and original ideas to marketing campaigns. This ensures that Grynow’s campaigns accomplish their objectives and establish a distinctive connection with the target consumers. As an illustration, Grynow hires partnerships with influencers renowned for their innovative approaches, which culminate in successful campaigns that captivate audiences and establish unique connections with them.


In contemporary times, the function of an influencer marketing agency stretches far past product promotion. In addition to building connections and developing experiences, influencer agencies construct brand narratives that effectively engage the targeted public. 

Establishing a partnership with Grynow, the best influencer marketing company in India, can prove to be a shrewd decision due to its smooth integration of knowledge, ingenuity, and a demonstrated history of augmenting the impact of your brand. 

Unbox your business’s full potential with Grynow. Let’s grow together!