Just like courtship, you should win your clients’ hearts and minds. Many lash clients overlook many things when it comes to dealing and interacting with potential clients. Sometimes, a simple conversation with people can turn into potential clients. 

When you are a lash salon owner, you should be aware of the things that made your clients turn their back and never return. You should always give importance to your clients as they are the reason for your existence as a lash business owner. 

Dealing with lash clients is no secret or formula. You just need to be aware of these strategies to earn your lash clients’ trust and loyalty. Here are some strategies for you to earn your lash clients’ trust and make a good relationship with them. 

Ways on maintaining good relationships with your lash clients 

  • Lending your ears to your client’s needs and answering them politely 

One reason why lash clients love to avail services is that they are being taken care of. Simple listening and attending to their needs are important to them. As said in the saying “customer is always right” a lash artist should give importance as they would know what their lash clients need. The services you will offer will be greatly affected if you won’t know what your clients want. 

Most lash clients are satisfied when they get great services from lash salons, one of which is by listening to what they want to say. Letting the lash client speak, listening actively, staying humble, and being patient with how you communicate to them make a big impact on them. There are lash clients who don’t really understand things and keep on asking questions about this and that. You as a lash artist should politely explain to them these things.

Talking personally or conversing via phone is no different. Your way of talking to them gives long-lasting impressions. You should be positive and friendly, respecting their questions. Who wouldn’t appreciate that if they knew that they are being valued by just listening to them and answering them? 

Showing client support system 

Do you know why it is important that your business has a social media account or contact information? It is not only because you are promoting your business but because you want to build your relationship with your lash clients.  Communication channels are very important in any business. 

Most unsatisfied clients are because they receive bad customer support. Sometimes, in order for you to make up for the concern, your lash client has to set up a good client support system. With the right attitude, you can convert a bad situation into a positive one.

Does your business have a social media account or contact information that clients usually send their inquiries to? Let’s not ignore these communication channels for these are vital elements for the businesses.

Most unsatisfied customers are not because their expectations aren’t met. Your role as client support is to explain to them those unsatisfactory things they might encounter. Most unsatisfied clients change their minds when they hear explanations from customer support.  

In today’s digital era, getting the advantage of social media platforms to build a great client support system helps and makes a difference in your growing business. Not only answering them is your way to have client support, but keeping track of your lash clients’ record system to remind them of their eyelash extension appointments can also help them value you as well. An open line of communication, like 24/7 customer support and answering inquiries even on holidays is a huge big plus to a business especially lash salons where most customers are free during holidays, weekends, or after work. 

Friendly and Clean Lash Salon 

Who would love to keep coming back when the place is like a home? As a lash artist, you should not just provide quality service and premium products but also need to maintain a healthy lash environment for your client that includes friendly staff and clean lash studios. 

When a client enters your lash salon whether they are booking appointments or having their session, they will first notice how they are treated by the staff and how organized, and clean the studio is. Many clients give so much impotence to cleanliness that they would vocally tell you if they observe unsanitary conditions in your lash salons. It will lead them to doubt you. If you can’t be able to maintain a healthy environment for them, how much more in your lashing work? 

Make a good impression on your lash client by building a healthy environment. Revamping that old atmosphere to a more comfortable feel will make a very significant impact on every lash client. If you have no idea what to do, you have all the sources by searching on the internet about the new trend in every lash salon, how they minimize the space yet look homey, comfortable, and most especially clean and neat looking. 

Premium Quality Product 

Before sessions, most lash clients get interested in knowing the products you are using during the application. Of course, it is important to give them knowledge about the products you have. As lash artists, you are dealing with your client’s most sensitive parts, the eyes. They are very curious as they also want to be safe. 

If one of your goals is to maintain a good impression then, choose premium quality products that will suit your client’s needs. Considering purchasing high-quality eyelash extension products will not only make a good impression but also produce quality output that every client will appreciate. Not all cheaper products are cheaper in quality. All you need to do is become knowledgeable about these products, compare and contrast them and find what suits you as an artist and can adhere to your client’s needs. 

Lash Artist Attitude 

Lashing will not be possible without lash artists. Of course, you are the one who will deal with the client in person. Your attitude towards your client can make or break your business. If you want to build a connection and good impression with a good relationship with your client, they must feel comfortable with you. 

One hour to two hours is long during the session, make the most of it. Aside from making them feel comfortable, show them that you love your job as a lash artist. This is one way of showing them why it is worth it that they had lash appointments with you. Small talks like sharing positive thoughts can make a difference in the way they see you and your lash salon. Still, it depends though, if the clients want to rest while you are lashing then, don’t talk to them. You must also know how to open talks or when to remain quiet. Aside from that, your reaction when they need some assistance really matters. Do not make them feel that you are not interested in helping them. 

Final Verdict… 

Every eyelash extension artist can possibly encounter bad experiences with their clients but it is better to remember the saying “customer is always right”. Your patience, understanding, and good attitude can bring positive results soon. Building a relationship with your client has a big impact on your business. The trust and loyalty of every client is an example that you are a reliable and trustworthy artist. Without noticing, these clients can advertise to you unintentionally. If they love how you take care of them, how you listen, how you deal with them, and how you provide them with all the comfortable necessities, then they will share the words with others, and they will encourage others to experience the things they experience with your lash salon. 

Clients are important to every lash salon’s success. They have the ability to make the salon succeed or fail. Building that relationship with them is not a snap of a finger, it is a process to work on. You need to be smart in your moves for you not to break your reputation and career.