Buying stocks on Nasdaq Stockholm could be one of the best investments you will make in your life, and why? You might ask. The reason is that investing in stocks on Nasdaq Stockholm gives you access to great companies like the gaming company Betsson AB (BETSSON) and the gambling operator International Game Technology PLC (IGT). These two companies are great examples of casino stocks on Nasdaq Stockholm and their stocks are worth looking into further. …

The Basics

Before you can invest wisely, it’s good to understand how investing works. Investopedia provides an overview of what an investment is and how its pricing is determined, as well as a list of common investments types that you may encounter. If you want to begin investing but aren’t sure where to start, consider working with a financial advisor. You may have questions about choosing a financial advisor or tips for finding one, so check out our posts discussing these topics here: How to Find a Financial Advisor and What Should I Look For In A Financial Advisor?

How to invest in Casino Stocks on Nasdaq Stockholm?

In regards to investing in casino companies, there are two options: going public or buying shares in a private company. Going public is easy. If a company goes public, its shares are offered to the general public and investors can purchase stock over exchanges such as NASDAQ, NYSE Euronext, AMEX or OTC Bulletin Board (OTCBB). You can find all casino stock listed in Stockholm Nasdaq on However, most privately owned casinos can only be purchased by accredited investors through either venture capital firms or investment banks which offer them for sale.

What is required to do so?

Theoretically you could invest in any company that is listed on an Nasdaq exchange, but there are certain restrictions and costs involved with investing in certain types of companies. First of all, you generally have to be an accredited investor—that is, a wealthy person. That might sound elitist, but it makes sense when you look at who really has enough money to take a chance investing in some unproven startup company. The law states that only those earning over $200K for two years straight are allowed to invest without showing financial statements. Those earning less can still do so under a safe harbor rule as long as they fill out a disclosure form and show their earnings. Still not sure if you’re eligible?

Investor’s Questions Answered

Should I buy stock from a company that runs casinos? The short answer is yes, you can invest in a casino company. However, keep in mind that not all companies are created equally, and there’s more to consider than just whether or not you’re interested in gambling. To find out if investing your money with a gaming company is right for you, take into account things like: How much money do I have to spend? Which kind of investor am I (i.e., conservative or risky)? What is my investment time horizon? These are some of the questions an investor should ask him/herself before committing money to any stocks.