Success stories of Japan’s declining birthrate measures part 1 [Akashi City, Hyogo Prefecture]

Japan’s birth rate is at an all-time low of 1.30%, which is the sixth consecutive year of decline, partly due to the impact of the new coronavirus. This number is expected to decline further as people have fewer opportunities to meet people due to the coronavirus pandemic and the marriage rate has also fallen.

Even so, the number of children in Akashi City, Hyogo Prefecture is increasing!! The highlight of Akashi City’s main policy to reduce the birthrate is the “5 Free Admissions.”

1. Children’s medical course free of charge (up to 3rd year of high school)

2. Childcare fees for second and subsequent children are completely free (no conditions such as parent’s income)

3. Deliver child-rearing supplies such as diapers and milk every month through the “diaper regular delivery” service to watch over 0-year-old children.

4. Free school lunches for junior high schools (no income restrictions)

5. Free admission to public facilities (pools, museums, science museums, parent-child interaction spaces)

The Japan Foundation for Declining Birthrates (MFB) wants to do something about Japan’s declining birthrate!