Colombia’s most popular tourist destination and most frequented city is Cartagena. Cartagena, Colombia, is one of the most charming and interesting cities in South America and makes for a wonderfully romantic vacation spot. The picturesque Rosario Islands are nearby, along with relaxed beaches and resorts. The ancient town is full with lovely plazas and churches.

There are several beautiful beaches along Colombia’s Caribbean coast, the most of which are still undeveloped. The infrequently visited San Bernardo Islands and Capurgana, to the west, provide beautiful uninhabited beaches in addition to superb scuba diving. Along with trips to native Wayuu settlements, Colombia LGBT the Guarija Peninsula to the east offers more unspoilt beaches.

The Pacific Coast of Colombia is covered in jungle, and while certain areas are unsafe to travel to due to security concerns, others are. The village of Nuqui is the ideal location for surfers, and the entire coastline is fantastic for both surfing and jungle tours. Another little resort on the Pacific coast, Bahia Solano makes an excellent location for deep sea fishing.

However, Colombia has more to offer than just beaches. One may easily spend more than a month there and still just have seen a small portion of what the nation has to offer due to the enormous variety of activities.

Colombia is home to a large number of other lovely, serene colonial villages in addition to Cartagena. cartagena vacation package The most stunning place is Villa de Leiva, which has served as a backdrop for numerous movies and Colombian soap operas. In addition to strolling through the small town’s serene and lovely streets, visitors can go horseback riding, hiking, or exploring the old artefacts and fossilised bones of enormous prehistoric species in the nearby countryside. Santa Fe de Antioquia, Popayan, and Mompos are just a few of Colombia’s lovely old towns.

Excellent prospects for wildlife travel are also available in Colombia. Leticia is located in the southernmost region of the Amazon River, where a variety of jungle resorts and river cruises are offered. Additionally, Colombia boasts the highest number of birds of any country in the world, making it one of the top places in South America for birding.

As tourists learn that Colombia’s reputation for danger is unjustified, the country’s tourism industry is beginning to flourish. Visit right away to avoid the oncoming tourist swarms Colombia LGBTQ Travel Destination.