If you’re a fan of soccer and you love the sport as much as I do, then you probably also love it when your favourite team releases their new uniforms! You’ve got to admit that soccer teams have some pretty snazzy uniforms – many of which pay homage to their national flag or other important cultural symbols – and I can’t get enough of ‘em! For buying, please click here camisa do brasil preta

The back neck panel

White, starting from three inches below the base of the collar, with a pattern consisting of 18 white circles placed in three rows of six and separated by thin red lines. The diameter of each circle is 13 cm. The middle row contains six circles; it is 3 cm wide. Each circle contains a small five-pointed red star enclosed in a white triangle placed at an angle to create a sense of motion when moving. The top row has five stars and is 4 cm wide. The bottom row has four stars that are 3 cm wide. In total, there are seven white triangles and seven red triangles on the back neck panel. The jersey also includes two more elements related to sports performance: ventilation holes for breathability and water-absorption material on key areas of high sweat concentration like the underarms and chest.

Sleeve detail:

The sleeves of all official team jerseys are constructed from Nike’s Pro Classic material, which is durable and lightweight. They’ve also been tailored to fit within FIFPro (the international players’ union) guidelines, making them narrower than usual. This ensures that they stay closer to a player’s arms during quick changes of direction. Body fabric: The body fabric on all kits uses Nike Dri-FIT technology, meaning it draws sweat away from your skin and towards its surface where it can evaporate more quickly. It also feels comfortable against your skin because it’s made with polyester microfibres, while an elastic waistband offers additional support around your waist without feeling restrictive. To celebrate 100 years since Brazil’s first ever match as an independent nation, Nike has created heat-pressed versions of each nation’s federation badge for use on every kit in their 2018 home and away range. Every detail of each badge has been reproduced by hand using traditional heat transfer methods to ensure no two badges look exactly alike—making yours truly unique!

Rear neck details:

The collar is constructed from a polyester material and features small stitches on its edges, which are made to resemble those on soccer balls. The seams of these stitches have been placed inside, so that when players wear their jerseys they won’t feel them on their necks or chins. The black jersey also has a slightly longer rear neck than other Brazilian team kits, in order to make it easier for players to tuck it into their shorts during games.

Close up on the crest

As expected, there is no official word on a crest change, but rumours have it that Nike and CBF are considering replacing Ordem e Progresso with another Latin phrase. One option being tossed around is Vis Totus Orbis, which means “the whole world sees [you]. Expect an update in the coming months. Until then, check out our close up of the crest above.