There are different types of soccer gloves for goalkeepers. The type of goalkeeper gloves you choose will depend on your body and hand size. You should choose negative cut gloves if you have long fingers and a small palm, whereas roll finger gloves are better suited to goalkeepers who have a larger palm.


When selecting a new pair of soccer gloves at Fotbollsgiganten, it’s important to find a pair that fits correctly. A goalkeeper’s hands should be able to easily slide in and out of the glove, and a glove that doesn’t fit correctly can cause discomfort. The backhand of a goalkeeper’s glove should be snug, but not tight. It should also have enough room to accommodate the finger nails of the goalkeeper.

Goalkeepers should find soccer gloves with an adjustable wrist strap. This will ensure that the goalkeeper’s hands will not become overextended, allowing them to catch and stop fast shots. Goalkeeper gloves should also have a rigid plastic spine to reduce the risk of injury.


Goalkeepers need durable soccer gloves to keep their hands protected. There are several types of gloves available. Some have great support for the wrist, while others offer a perfect balance of flexibility and support. Most have a combination of latex and elastic wrist straps for comfort and support. These gloves are made to perform well on both natural and artificial turf surfaces.

Some goalkeepers choose to wear finger protection, which is a personal preference. They might prefer it if they have a history of injuries, but finger protection does not prevent all injuries. While they may help prevent injuries such as stubbed fingers, they do not prevent them from being kicked or struck. Those goalkeepers who need finger protection should look for goalkeeper gloves with removable finger spines, which usually access through a zipper on the backhand. These are great for goalkeepers who know they want to wear the finger protection but want to customize their gloves for different situations.


If you’re a goalkeeper, you’ll want to be sure you have the best soccer gloves you can buy. Fortunately, there are a number of different brands that make great goalkeeper gloves. Uhlsport, for example, has a line of gloves that are designed for the role. One of their most popular options is the Pure Alliance Supergrip+. These gloves are equipped with updated Supergrip technology and an upgraded foam formula. They’ll protect you from all weather conditions and feel almost like you’re wearing a second skin.

While selecting soccer gloves, goalkeepers should take their hand and wrist measurements into consideration. This will help them choose the most appropriate cut for their hands. Some goalkeepers prefer a flat cut, which allows them to feel the ball better. Others, however, prefer a roll cut, which allows for more flexibility and breathability.

Roll finger

There are several types of soccer gloves, and one of the most important is a roll finger goalkeeper glove. Unlike a standard glove, a roll finger goalkeeper glove is flexible. As a result, it can protect the goalkeeper’s fingers from being pinched. It should also have a good grip and feel.

There are two main types of roll finger gloves. The first one is the classic, or flat cut. This cut is used for the palm of a goalkeeper’s hand. Its shape allows the goalkeeper’s middle fingers to wrap around the ball for better grip. Another type is a hybrid called the Power cut. It features latex wrapped around the middle finger and index finger. Various other brands also have varying cuts, such as the Varan cut and negative cut.

Roll finger goalkeeper gloves also have the Negative cut. It combines the negative cut with a roll finger to provide a tighter fit. The roll finger provides additional protection to the fingers and prevents slips on the ball. These gloves typically cost more than PS30, but they offer an excellent fit and feel.


Hybrid soccer gloves for goalkeepers combine the benefits of both roll finger and negative cut styles to provide better grip and flexibility. As a result, these gloves are popular among goalkeepers of all ages. They also offer the same features as roll finger gloves, such as cushioning, but are designed to fit the anatomy of the hand better.

Roll finger goalkeeper gloves are the most common type of goalkeeper glove. This style has no gussets, and is made with a rolled shape for increased contact with the ball. These gloves are also less snug than Negative cut gloves. They typically carry a higher price tag, however.