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June 17, 2024

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Abstinence versus Moderation in Addiction Treatment, Which Works Best?

Traditionally, the vast majority of alcohol and substance use treatment centers in the United States have focused on abstinence-based approaches, many of which follow a 12-Step model. Their guiding philosophy reflects a belief in the disease model of addiction which  →
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Los beneficios de usar prendas de alta calidad

Cuando se trata de ropa, hay muchas opciones diferentes disponibles para elegir. Pero si está buscando algo que dure y se vea genial, entonces las prendas de alta calidad son el camino a seguir. Invertir en prendas de calidad puede  →
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Benefits of Solid Soap

Solid soap is made up of fat/oil, water, and a chemical called an alkali. It lasts longer than liquid soap and is more eco-friendly. The solid soap also doesn’t need to contain preservatives and stabilizing elements. Solid soap is also  →
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