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December 3, 2022

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Report: 2022 May See Indian MedTech Sector Reach $9.6bn

Price water house Coopers has issued a report predicting that India’s medical technology (MedTech) industry, the development of which is a government focal point, could reach US$9.6 by 2023. In 2017 the industry was valued at US$5.7 billion and is  →
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Your Temporary Email Address

Temp mail is combined with temporary and email. We use temporary mail to sign up on social media, websites, blogs, and other online services. Temp mail is a handy tool to help you get an email address without signing up  →
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What is the Digital Divide?

In a world where connectivity has become the essence of communication, millions of Americans are still unable to access the internet. It contributes to a ‘Digital Divide’ in society, i.e., those with computer access and those without it.  Why Does  →
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3D Printing Services – Get an Instant Quote Today!

Do you have an idea for a 3D printed product? Maybe you’re in the middle of prototyping and need help from our 3D printing service to turn your idea into reality, or maybe you’re ready to start manufacturing and want  →
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The Benefits of Hiring a Salesforce Developer Offshore

With many Salesforce development companies today, it’s hard to know which one to trust with your business’ most critical application. However, one thing that can help make your choice easier is by considering the benefits of hiring an offshore Salesforce  →
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The Best IRS-Proof Mileage Log Apps to Save You Time and Money

There’s no getting around it—driving your own car to get from place to place can be pretty expensive, especially if you’re driving long distances regularly, but there are plenty of IRS-proof best mileage tracker app apps on the market that  →
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Get the Entertainment Board You Need with Appsumo’s RADAAR Lifetime Deal

Have you always dreamed of creating the ultimate entertainment board? Or do you already have an account but want to be able to access it on the go? Then Appsumo’s RADAAR Appsumo Lifetime Deal might be exactly what you need!  →
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Radar Appsumo: The Best Lifetime Deal Around

You’ve probably heard about the lifetime discount deals offered by companies like Appsumo and Toptal – but how do they work? What are they really worth? And how can you make sure that you’re getting your money’s worth out of  →
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Why You Need a Technical Translation for Your E-Bike Documents

E-Bike document translation are quickly gaining popularity, and their popularity means that the demand for E-bike documentation will only increase as time goes on. Since E-bike documentation is required to legally use an E-bike in many areas, you’ll want to  →
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The Smart Way to Shop: How Smart Shopping Carts Can Save You Time and Money

We all have to go grocery shopping at some point or another, but few of us actually enjoy it. It’s a chore that we put off as long as we can, and when it comes time to shop, we rush  →
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