Mobile FPGAs are impacting multiple markets as intelligence moves from the cloud to the network edge. Many network edge devices require small size, low power consumption and reasonable price. As a result, FPGA products optimized for mobile applications are increasingly being used in network edge intelligence and interconnection solutions in smart cities, smart cars, smart homes and smart factories for license plate recognition, voice detection detection, face detection and tracking.

We expect substantial growth in our business in all of the smart device markets mentioned above in 2023. For example, with the recent successive releases of smart speaker products, it is not difficult to imagine that voice assistants will be widely used in wearable devices, home appliances and advanced driver assistance systems. In 2023, FPGA adoption will continue to grow in the industrial, automotive and consumer electronics industries. These smart devices take full advantage of FPGAs to implement solutions needed for applications such as sensor bridging, embedded vision, and machine learning

At the same time, we also see potential in the network edge interconnect and computing markets. With the development and innovation in the field of IoT, applications that need to realize the interconnection of multiple sensors and a large number of intelligent functions continue to emerge, and products with FPGA can provide just the right amount of computing resources required for these applications. The flexibility offered by the programmable solution provided by FPGAs is ideal for many applications.

Latency, privacy, and bandwidth can also be addressed if more intelligence can be implemented at the network edge. The market demand for low-power, small-size, and affordable FPGA designs is increasing, especially in the field of network edge computing and interconnection. Under the influence of mobile technology, products in the field of network edge are also developing in the direction of smaller size and ultra-low power consumption. Low power consumption is critical for artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning applications, and small form factor FPGAs can deliver 1 teraflop of power at less than 1 watt.

Rapid innovation in the field of IoT devices at the edge of the network has brought diversification of product categories and new usage models, making it difficult for customers to design custom chips. Therefore, users value highly cost-effective programmable solutions because they can quickly implement new functions and can be mass-produced using the same product without redesigning

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