Business owners seem to love flashy websites. They want their website visitors to be impressed.  This is totally understandable. But what is often overlooked is what customers want out of a website. These are the things we don’t think about in website design and developmentuntil they are missing, or even worse: done poorly.

User Experience

Every website has it’s own unique purpose and objective for existing. No website can be successful unless users can find what they are looking for quickly and efficiently. To that end, intuitive website navigation has to be “fall off a log backwards” easy. Website visitors in Syracuse, across Upstate New York and elsewhere won’t suffer a website that confusing or has missing or broken elements. As the old adage goes, know your audience and what your audience wants and give it to them – quickly, efficiently, and simply.

Mobile Friendly

Over 70% of all website visitors, on average, are coming to your website on a mobile device (smartphone). Make sure your website looks good on a three-inch screen.  If it doesn’t, do something about it now before you loose more sales.


Have you heard about Google Analytics? If not, read up on it. There is a wealth of information about your website to be had and you need that information. And it’s free. There is nothing worse than targeting your audience one way when you should be targeting it another. Google’s free website analytics tool will tell you how people are finding your website, what search terms they used to get there, what pages they looked at, what pages they were particularly interested in, how long they stayed on the page, whether your pay per click campaign is working for you or not, and help you craft an effective growth strategy for the next 30 days or 30 months.

About Us

Don’t you just hate going to a website and you can’t figure out what the company is all about or worse, where they are located? You look for their About Us page and it’s not there. Or if it is, it doesn’t give you the information you need to trust them enough to contact them? It is extremely helpful to make sure that you website tells visitors who you are, where you are, and what it is that you do (on 25 words or less) so that when they land on your website from some social media link, they understand what it is that you’re all about.

Social Media Links

It may be a thing with millennials or Gen-X’ers but more and more Syracuse website visitors look for your social media links on your website and actually follow them to see what kind of company culture you have and whether they think you are a good fit for them or not. Put your social media links on your website (usually in the footer of each page) and invite people along for the ride. It’s an unbelievably easy way to generate more engagement and sales leads.

Syracuse Web Design & Digital Marketing

When it comes to website design and online marketing, it’s hard to know just where to start. One way to make sure you’re maximizing your website’s potential to help you grow your business is to partner with an experienced web design agency who is willing to go the extra mile to understand your business, your customers, and your marketing goals.